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Our Timeshare Closing Services

  • Preparation of deed and state tax forms—applicable to the transfer of your timeshare. State Tax forms are important in ensuring that all taxes are dealt with and that no hidden costs appear later in the transaction.
  • Delivery of closing documents to buyer, seller and clerk of courts—after our legal department prepares the documentation; we will submit them to the buyer and seller for their signatures.  We will deliver your deed to the appropriate county clerk of court to be recorded.
  • Escrow Services—as a neutral third party in the closing process, we will act as an escrow agent, holding the purchase funds and disbursing them to the seller at the completion of the closing. 
  • Estoppel Certificate—we will obtain a verification from the resort detailing any ongoing and outstanding costs, such as maintenance fees, taxes, additional assessments and when the next use period is available.
  • Disbursement of funds of seller—we will disburse the proceeds of the timeshare sale to the seller, following a sound and professional transaction.
  • Notify resort of deed transfer—the last step of closing a timeshare purchase.   A written notification of the transfer, and a copy of the recorded deed, are delivered to the resort.

    What Can TransferATitle.com do for you?

    We have an experienced legal department that can get the proper documentation prepared and transferred quickly, effectively and correctly.  Our founders specialize in the timeshare industry.  We have gained superior knowledge of the industry with over a decade of timeshare marketing and resales experience.

    TransferATimeshareTitle.com makes sure your transaction is processed quickly and done correctly, the first time!  With the expertise of our legal department, you know your timeshare deed will be handled properly by knowledgeable professionals.

    In an industry that is often misunderstood, and  under a considerable amount of scrutiny, it is important that your vacation property ownership is transferred ethically.  You can trust that your deed was prepared and recorded properly. You can be confident that your deed is accurate and that the proper procedures were followed to transfer your timeshare title!


    TransferATitle.com charges a fee starting at $249.00 for a top notch transfer of a timeshare and closing. This price does not include any recording fees, taxes or resort transfer fees (if applicable). As part of the closing process we get a written confirmation from the resort, called an Estoppel Letter, confirming any fees that may be due. This letter will include any transfer fee.

    The recording fees are based upon the state and county in which the property is located and are based on the sale price. Contact our office for details today!  We take every step to be proactive and speed up the transfer process, we now offer electronic recording services when available.

    We utilize a network of licensed attorneys in the state of the timeshare property being purchased.  We prepare your legally correct deeds and transfers, our professionals are timely and efficient and will get the job done.

    Once the order form has been received, the closing process takes between 6 to 8 weeks. We will send the original deed to the buyer once it has been recorded.

    Additional Services

    • Obtaining a copy of the original deed – We will search the courthouse records and obtain a copy of the original deed, which is necessary to initiate the closing. — $25
    • Acquisition of Estoppel Certificate – We supply a notice detailing any ongoing and outstanding costs, such as maintenance fees, taxes, special assessments and when the next use period is available. — $25

    The Timeshare Title Process

    Step 1:  Purchase & Sale Agreement

    • Contact both parties to verify info
    • Send out credit card authorization form to buyer.
    • Purchase and Sale Agreement to both parties

    Seller sends us:

    1. Their original, recorded deed which is stamped by the registry with a book and page number or an instrument number (a copy is acceptable)
    2. Occupancy/resort release form
    3. Mortgage information if applicable (a copy of the most recent mortgage statement is best)

    Step 2:  Confirm Seller’s Deed

    • Call resort to confirm estoppel fee.
    • Send estoppel release form to the resort along with payment any fee.
    • Search the relevant recorded information

    Step 3:  Create new deed

    • Seller receives original deed to get notarized
    • Create pre-closing statements that are sent to both buyer and seller

    Step 4:  Money is held from buyer in escrow

    • Call courthouse/registry of deeds for recording fees
    • Notarized deed from seller, along with recording fees, goes to the county where the resort is located to be recorded.

    Final Step 5:  Deed Transfer

    • New deed and resort transfer fee is sent to resort
    • The newly recorded deed is sent to the buyer