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To Whom It May Concern:

 My husband I recently purchased another Marriott Timeshare and we had the pleasure of working with Diane Johnson.  She handled our title work with professionalism and in a timely manner.  Whenever I had a question she answered in right away.  We were very pleased with the service we received from Diane and would request her services in the future.  We plan on purchasing several more Marriott Ocean Pointe timeshares and hope to work with Diane again.  It was a delight to work with someone who was knowledgeable in the area of title transfers. 


Michael and Cathy Killian

To Whom It May Concern,

 My wife and I have a timeshare on the re-sale market for some time now. Last May 2010, we finally got an offer. The listing agency put us in contact with Transfer A Title, namely Karen Content. From our first contact with Karen, we were immediately at ease knowing she would work with us and provide all the help we needed to close the deal. When we had not heard from the prospective buyer in a few days, Karen took it upon herself to call him. Unfortunately, the news was not good. The buyer had decided not to buy our timeshare. However, we were so impressed with Transfer A Title and the manner that Karen handled our case that we kept her name, number, email address and the documents she sent us for future use should we receive another offer on our timeshare.

 Well the future came in July 2010 when we had another couple who seemed very interested in buying our timeshare. The first thing we did was call Karen Content at Transfer A Title. Again, Karen went above and beyond to help us, answering our questions and researching things we were uncertain of. When it was not clear what would happen to our Interval International account and our deposited weeks associated with our timeshare, Karen called both our resort and Interval International and got clarification. We were all set to finalize, but Murphy’s Law states “if something can go wrong, it will” and it did. Again, the prospective buyers backed out. This was by no means any fault of Transfer A Title or Karen Content.

 Transfer A Title is a top notch company and we strongly recommend anyone selling a timeshare to use them when transferring their title to another person(s). We cannot say enough about Karen Content’s professionalism and positive attitude. She is a true professional and an asset to her company.

 Thank you,

Brad and Ann Menhorn